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Finding your customers


Great business ideas need customers and that is why we are eager to use some of the best guaranteed methods to your advantage and find those prospect customers that you need, combining several factors and methods  such as:

  • Social Media engagement.
  • Designing attractive Websites.
  • Effective planning.
  • A great content published on blogs.
  • An excellent researching about your customers preferences.
  • Some creativity added to the process  and taking care of  techincal aspects that could really determine your success.


Where do fishes go, sorry leads go once we catch them?


Once we define the type of strategy we’ll use depending on the lenght of your business and expectations, all the data collected from the specific type of audience you need goes to your lists or selling team.


This is how it works


This service can be requested as single or multiple consultancy sessions or trainings and it varies according to your growth expectations or profit goals. 


Some of the topics covered on trainings and sessions are:


  • Getting to know your customers better.
  • How to design a Website that sells.
  • Installing WordPress and use it as a Content Management Platform.
  • Writte  Marketing content for your Website.
  • The power of subscribers and Email Marketing.
  • Using the right  Social Media Channels to interact with customers.
  • Designing attractive Social Media profiles.
  • Best Social Media Habits that develop real engagement with your fans.
  • Creating and managing your blog.

Installing and linking your Social Media accounts to your Web.
Combining your Social Media channels to increase the number of traffic to your web.
Keywords research to help  ranking your Website on Google and other Search Engines.
Check broken links, errors, bugs and spam regularly.
Share your content through out your Social Media channels.
Create email accounts and setup autoresponders.
Analysing and Measuring your performance and results.

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